5 Facts About Recycling That You Probably Did Not Know

Facts About RecyclingWe are all tasked with the responsibility of making the world a better place. Even though governments and organizations do their fair share of stopping pollution and promoting recycling, it is our efforts as individuals that have the most impact. The world is ours and we have to make sure it is still there for future generations.

Waste management is big problem that is gradually taking a toll on the environment. If we do not start recycling now, our world will quickly turn into an uninhabitable wasteland.

To help you know more about the importance of recycling, here are 5 things that you probably did not know about recylcing:

Everything Can Be Recycled

Many people do not know that everything we deem as waste can be recycled. The term ‘waste’ should therefore not exist in our vocabularies. Any type of waste from organic waste to aluminum cans, glass bottle and even paper can be recycled. Recycling everything can significantly reduce the pollution taking place in various parts of the world. So, now you know that there is nothing such as waste in this world of ours which is why recycling a priority at Envy lounge venue.

Non-recycled Plastic Bag Kill Millions of Sea Creatures Every Year

There are people and companies that actually dump all kinds of waste in our water bodies such as oceans, seas and lakes. Dumping waste in water is the worst idea you can ever have. This is because, human waste is harmful and poisonous to sea life which includes plants and animals. Plastic waste specifically is responsible for the death of millions of sea animals every year. Other non-biodegradable waste have similar devastating effects on sea life. So, think again before you throw any waste into the water.

24 Trees Are Cut To Make 1 Tonne of Paper

We use paper in many aspects of our lives. Paper is quite resourceful but have you ever sat to think how many trees it takes to make all that paper you use? Well, the math has already been done and it has been discovered that it takes 24 trees to make 1 tonne of paper. Now, think about the tonnes of paper been dumped away as waste and think about all the trees that die for the paper to exist. Recycling paper can save a lot of trees which is very good for the environment. Remember, trees keep the air clean by producing oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide.

Organic Garbage Can Be Used As Fertilizer

Organic waste can be used as fertilizer or farm input. The food you throw into the trash can be decomposed and converted into some really good fertilizer. Throwing away organic waste carelessly is not the smartest thing you can do when there are so many recycling opportunities for this particular kind of waste. So instead of using artificial fertilizers and synthetic farm inputs that are harmful to nature and the environment, why not use you organic garbage to make the soil fertile and increase crop yield.

A Glass Bottle Can Take Up to 4000 Years to decompose If Not Recycled

First and foremost, glass is 100% recyclable. However, when you fail to recycle a single glass bottle, it can stay in the environment without decomposing for up to 4000 years. These are 4 millennia. It is very easy to recycle glass and convert back into useful, clear and quality state. Glass bottles should not be disposed carelessly in pits or oceans.

After reading through the above recycling facts, it is now my hope that you have changed your way of thinking when it comes to this topic. Let us all make the world a better place.

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