Renewable Energy – What you NEED to Know!

NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory

When Did We Start Using Renewable Energy Sources? It is said that we started to use renewable energy when our ancestors learned how to produce fire using wood. Other than burning wood, they have at their disposal the other natural resources for their energy needs. Sources like water, sun, wind…

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Turning Air Into Clean Water

As we become more aware of how human activity affects the environment, it is clear that the world is running out of many natural resources. Crude oil is perhaps one of the most widely known resources that some of us may actually see run out in our lifetime. It is…

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Drop in Renewable Energy Cost To Continue

In recent months, there has been much rejoicing amongst consumers thanks to the falling world oil prices. It is now much cheaper to fill up your tank at the pump, and even utility bills have begun to drop in value. It is good news all round for everyone, except oil…

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