How do Greenhouse Gases Affect the Environment?

How do greenhouse gases affect the environment? Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane are accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere, this causes the atmosphere to warm up. The gases allow the sun’s radiation to enter the earth’s atmosphere, but prevent the radiation from escaping the atmosphere. The earth must be able to release this radiant energy so as not to overheat. The increase in temperature could produce changes in the world’s climatic patterns.
The combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, is a large cause of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These gases have increased as the result of human activity.
Increases in world temperatures would cause the polar ice caps to melt causing sea levels to rise. This would result in many coastal areas to become under water. Ocean currents could be diverted, if the Gulf Stream were to change, Europe could become a cooler and drier place. Plant and animal life could become extinct or be forced to move.
electric companies in texas are trying to be part of the solution, by eliminating greenhouse gases.
By generating electricity from renewable sources like wind instead of burning coal or natural gas will produce less air pollution.

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